What we do


The legal offices defend and support human rights and documentation as well as social inclusion and responsibility.

In the area of legal services we offer advisory services (legal) for the defense and promotion of human rights. This includes legal advice, representation and legal assistance in conflict situations. We also help migrants and children of migrants gain their residency or citizenship through guidance and support through applications and acquiring necessary documents. Legal assistance also includes defending rights through promoting citizenship and confronting social inequalities as well as strenghtening social movements and encouraging participation at the policy level.


• Legal advice
• Social inclusion / documentation
• Advocacy and promotion of citizenship



Proposals, planning and implementation of educational initiatives that contribute to increasing literacy rates, socio-educational support and personal, professional and social development.

One of the most commonly denied rights is the right to a dignified education, most migrants require an education in order to integrate into society. ASCALA works to develop educational initiatives within state and civil society to promote literacy. Some programs focus on early childhood integration and early interventions, other programs address adult illiteracy. As well as literacy initiatives, ASCALA works to focus on encourage school performance through out of school tutoring, ASCALA is also involved in programs to teach people technical and practical skills.


• Pedagogical Intervention / socio-educational support
• Socio-educational development
• Training and social integration


Social initiatives to combat poverty through developing sustainable business models and promoting human and community development.

The search for food security and productive engagement is a challenge when confronting poverty and socioeconomic development, ASCALA works to develop strategies to combat hunger and malnutrition through social development. Today ASCALA has combined two initiatives to contribute to local communities 1. Training, guidance and support for family and/or community gardens to provide access to healthy food, combat malnutrition and provide income. 2. Support to establish Colmados Solidarios (Solidarity Markets) in the bateyes. Colmados Solidarios provide reduced price products by integrating networks of producers to sell produce, cleaning products and other foodstuffs in communities.

• Food security.
• Confronting poverty / productive insertion
• local socioeconomic development.



Support for families and individuals in vulnerable situations, with the goal of promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

ASCALA helps and cares for migrants by protecting and helping them develop and integrate into Dominican society. It is always available to help people in crisis. Aside from being an open ear, counseling and other specialized services, one main concern is healthcare. ASCALA supports people and accompanies them at hospitals and clinics, as well as offers services promoting general health and vision along with preventive care and care for children with malnutrition.


  • Social services
  • Healthcare accompaniment


Hosting of groups, students and other instutitions, offering support for development work in the bateyes, internship opportunities, research and collection of information, etc.


  • Rental of space: rooms for events
  • Space for 33 people to sleep (dorm style)

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