ASCALA is important in my life because they are helping me get my papers, myself and others are grateful for all the love and understanding that we have received at the center. Thanks ASCALA for being part of us! Big hearts like yours should receive lots of blessings from above. ¨

-Estefaní Méndez


ASCALA is very important for migrants of all nationalities. They provided us with services, support and understanding. They are always there to help, always thinking about those in need. I got a lot of help and support from ASCALA, thanks to them I now have my passport. Jesus should flood them with blessings.

-Rose Esther Saintine


I’m very thankful for ASCALA, my mom and brother don’t have papers, but here they’re helping us. They do a good job to support those who need help. My mother says she feels happy because she found people who are giving her a great opportunity, getting their documents would be a dream come true. Migrants get a lot of wonderful opportunities when the come to ASCALA, thanks to you all we can work, leave the batey and feel free. Thank you ASCALA!

Yoselin Ventura Noel y Olga Ventura Noel


ASCALA is very important in my life, they’ve helped me a lot. Thanks to ASCALA my 5 children now have documents so they can go to school. ASCALA is an organization for all who need help, congratulations on 10 years of love, caring, and understanding.

-Johnny Martínez

The most accurate way to describe the center is  as an embassy for people from all nations in the Dominican Republic, in the 10 years they’ve been around they have made helped  a lot of families and made them happy. For this reason I call the center an embassy and refure for everybody. Congratulations and God bless; thanks, peace, health and protection from the Divine for ASCALA.

-Pastor Manuel Fed. Dada (Marco)


Throughout the time that I’ve visited this institution, they’ve treated me very well, I was working as a teacher for a while with ASCALA and it was great! This organization was created to aid migrants.


Congratulations to everything at ASCALA for receiving, caring for and helping migrants and people who arrive at the Center in search of help. May God and the Virgin always give you wisdom, guide you and remove all barriers so you may continue with the good work you’re doing. Congratulations again!

-Ylemis Jean

It’s a pleasure to be a witness for the great work ASCALA has done for the migrant community and communities in need during these 10 years. This organization is like a mother for all of us that are orphans without our rights. This organization values and defends us. Thank you for being present and may God bless you today, tomorrow and forever.

-Yudy Espinal

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