Deportations in the Eastern Region, in the province of San Pedro de Macoris, La Romana and Higuey


Today we received calls from desperate migrants. Immigration authorities raided Residencial Naime and arrested 22 Haitian migrants that were waiting to collect their pay for 2 weeks work. Some of the migrants had entered the regularization plan and had their documents, others were still in the process. The migrants were in areas where they worked and near their homes. A team from ASCALA went to investigate to find out what had happened. We went to the Fortaleza Pedro Santana in San Pedro de Macoris, where we heard the migrants were being taken. There we spoke to the official on duty who told us that an hour before immigration authorities had picked up the migrants and they didn’t have any more information, they said they were simply following orders and supporting the migration office.

Nobody could give us any information about what had happened at the fortaleza to the detained Haitian migrants. Later, we went to the Immigration Office on Dominguez Charro street, near the boardwalk in San Pedro. We went to ask for information, but again found nobody who could tell us what had happened with the deportation operations in San Pedro. The two inspectors, Mr. Domingo Urib and Mr Miguel Sosa who run the office were said to be working on deportation raids with the Immigration Authorities from Santo Domingo (according to the woman who cleans the premises).

repatriaciones-de-haitianos-702x441One case: A young man named Andy Amado who has his documents from the Naturalization Plan, as a part of Group B, who already had his birth certificate, was detained. We don’t know why, even with his documentation, he was detained and taken to Santo Domingo. This information comes from Pastor Manual from the community “Colina” in the Santa Fe sector. The mother of the detained man is worried and says he doesn’t know anything of Haiti because he was born in the Dominican Republic. Even with his documents in hand, he was loaded into the truck, taken to Santo Domingo and left with no money or resources to get back. THIS IS THE STORY OF MIGRATION, WE’VE SEEN ENOUGH PROOF. THE AUTHORITIES SAY THAT IF PEOPLE HAVE THEIR DOCUMENTS THEY’LL BE TAKEN BACK, BUT THIS IS A LIE. PEOPLE ARE LEFT WITH NOTHING.

Later we decided to contact Inspector and Engineer Manuel Dominguez, who was in charge of the regularization process in SPM. He told us over the phone that to get more information about the deportations we needed to contact Dr. Santos Miguel Ramon, a member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He was in charge of a training done at the main headquarters of the National Police on the proper deportation process.

According to what we saw, immigration authorities who participated in this deportation did not follow legal protocol.

ahorahaitiAfter our visit to Muelle (immigration offices near the baordwalk) we were informed that this week was disastrous for deportations. Dr. Domingo Urib, the man in charge of the office in the province of San Pedro de Macorís has been taking actions outside of the law, demonstrating a hatred towards the Haitian community.

We urge Doctor Santos Miguel Román, as somebody involved in the International Organization for Migration, to take immediate action against the attitudes of this man. We don’t want hate and discrimination. We want deportation proceedings to be protected by fair, just and non-discriminatory laws.

Idalina Bordignon y the ASCALA team


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